Simcere Innovation is funded for aiming at leveraging global innovation resources and seeking more effective treatments for patients.  Together with strong R&D in Oncology, Autoimmune diseases and CNS diseases in Simcere Pharmaceutical, we will continue the efforts to bring in cell and gene therapy pipeline into these disease areas.

  • Cell therapy


    We admitted providing the cell therapy products for targeting solid tumor.  Different from conventional chimeric antigen receptor cell therapy, our vision is to offer an extremely efficient and feasible approach that every patient can get benefit from. The most cutting edge platform that allows us to apply any of next generation technology and ideas into our pipeline without any hassle.

  • Gene therapy


    We are going to build a second to none technology for the future of the medicine.  By utilizing the advantages of viral system that safe to use in human, we aim to incorporate novel gene modification technologies into our platform.  We believe that curing diseases through precisely and rationally target disease genes can provide a true life-changing results for our patients.