We believe that open collaboration and keep discovering and cultivating dedicated talents will help to accelerate our journey in developing more effective treatment for patients.  Our disruptive operation model can help scientist to tackle challenging scientific problems without risk.  Together, we can develop truly transformative way for the best of our patients and scientific society


External projects

Level of matureness

Our strategic partner is currently building with Harvard Medical School, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Center and University of Rochester.  Together, we will bring the most promising and advanced science into our facility, ready to be transformed into a therapeutic medicine.  We should never limit ourselves and always be open to any speculative and novel ideas that could be beneficial to all our patients

We are opening to different level of matureness of innovative and speculative ideas.  Talents can approach us with idea pitch, business proposal, together with preliminary only all the way to IND-ready.  We will responses can provide collaboration solution accordingly.