Simcere Innovation is a highly creative- and research-based entity that seeks to attract the diverse talents and expertise with a faith in delivering the best therapies to our patients.  We are determined to support outstanding ideas that are brought up by creativity and innovation.  Our revolutionizing solutions include:

1. Provide the intrapreneurial model to accelerate the proofing and de-risking of highly valuable ideas inside our organization.

2. Provide a funding and collaboration channel where all the external talents can imagine, explore and transform their dreams into reality.

3. Intent to foster your idea at non-traditional platforms.  Multidisciplinary teams and ample resources will be provided to nourish the innovative scientific concepts for rapid development and growth as an independent entity.

What we want

Simcere Innovation, Inc. would like to be passionate and embrace your ideas, as a place where scientist can pursue, innovators can explore, and entrepreneur can develop in therapeutic science.  We are looking for truly intelligent and revolutionary talents to join us on our fruitful journey.  We continue to fuel our R&D engine by looking for opportunities that align with our strengths and competencies. Furthermore, we relentlessly pursue exciting, early-stage science that has the potential to change the course of disease.  Selected team will join our group and will be given resources to engage in independent research.  Further support to transform successful results into clinical trials is committed.  We, as a partner, are highly inclined to being able to help more patients with you as an intrapreneur